Rates & Locations

Below are the many benefits you'll receive when you come on board:        

1: Learning Songs

Playing songs - isn't that what this is all about? It still astounds me that some instructors refuse to teach songs to their students.  Yes, theory knowledge and proper technique are crucial to becoming a great player; and you will have plenty of opportunities to use both  - while playing songs!                                                                   

2: Archiving Lessons

Use your smartphone/tablet to make videos of anything we cover at your lesson. We can also use my iPad/iPhone if you prefer and the files will be emailed to you at the end of your lesson.  You'll want to create a folder on your computer called "Bass Lessons" and put all the videos into that folder. 

3:  Locations

Choose from either of two locations - Baltimore or DC metro (Montgomery/PG county line.). If you work in one and live in the other, you're not locked into always being at the same location. Pick whichever one works best in a given week.

4: Live, Online Lessons via Skype or FaceTime

If neither of my locations are convenient for you to travel to, we can still do lessons using Skype or FaceTime. These are FREE video conferencing programs which allow you to have a live "video chat" with anyone, anywhere! All you need is a webcam and broadband internet. I currently have Skype students who live in remote parts of Maryland, elsewhere in the US and as far away as Canada, England, Portugal, Australia and Japan! It's just like being there. If you'd like to try a FREE 15-minute session, let me know.

5: Rhythm Section Grooves

If you have little to no experience playing live with other musicians, Rhythm Section Grooves allow you to gain valuable experience playing with a live drummer (me), keyboardist (me again) or guitarist (umm, still me) in a loose, fun setting. Yup, I play all those instruments too. You'll learn how to make various grooves and riffs sit the way they're supposed to in a band context. This is ideal for anyone who aspires to someday hit the stage! 

6: Guitar Center Discounts

Due to my large student roster, Guitar Center (Towson, MD) has graciously offered to extend special deals to all my students. Whether it's a new amp, a cool pedal or your dream bass, if you're one of my students you'll get a better deal than if you walked in off the street. See me for details.

Disclaimer: I am not a Guitar Center employee nor do I receive commissions/kickbacks on purchases. GC is just being cool!

7:  Flexibility

Some folks like knowing their lesson will be the same day and time every week. If that's you then we can set that up at any time. Others like keeping it open and prefer to set their next lesson at the end of the current session. It's your call...

8:  Referrals/Recommendations

  • Fill-ins

I often get calls to fill-in with a band which needs a bassist for an upcoming gig. In the event that I'm already booked that night, my first call is to a student who would be a good fit for the gig. If you're ready, willing and able, the gig could be yours! Fill-ins are a fun way to meet new players, test your skills and earn extra money. Many times they later lead to call-backs and even offers to come on board full-time!

  • Permanent Members

I love being able to help my students land gigs in bands. If I get an offer which is not an ideal fit for me, I'll refer a student. Think of it as a job placement service! There's nothing cooler than taking a beginning student, equipping them with the skills they need then when they're ready, sending them off into their own band! Check out www.facebook.com/MarylandBassLessons to see the latest band opportunities!

  • Colleges

Over the years, many of my students have applied to and been accepted at prestigious music schools such as Berklee, BIT, Eastman, University of Miami and Oberlin. It will be my pleasure to write a detailed letter of recommendation to any college you wish to apply to.

9:  Support

Got a question about something you're working on but your next lesson isn't for another five days? Don't hesitate to call, text or email me in between lessons. I'd much rather you ask me while it's fresh in your mind than have you wait a week and potentially forget your question and worse, impact the quality of your practice time at home. Hit me up! I'm here for ya.....

10:  Bassist's Toolbox Videos

Periodically I post helpful videos at www.facebook.com/MarylandBassLessons.com which cover topics related to bass lessons: practice tips, resources, student profiles and more to help you get the most out of your lessons. 

11:  Confidence

More important than anything listed above is the confidence you'll have in knowing that the teacher you have entrusted with your musical growth is qualified to take you all the way! Not only will you be on the right path, you'll never be on it alone.

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