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WELCOME! want to be a bass player? Good choice! We're always in demand, plus...bass guitar is just a fun instrument to play. 

Chances are you're either a beginner looking to get started on the right foot or you're an experienced player looking to add some new skills or clarify some grey areas. Which ever best describes you, you've come to the right place.

My name is Dave DeMarco and I've been giving private bass instruction here in Maryland for 22 years. I've helped players from all walks of life - from kids and teens who want to play in the style of their favorite adult hobbyists wanting to get into a "weekend warrior" cover professional musicians looking to bump up their playing a few notches. 

The reason I've been successful at this is because whatever level you're at - I've been there. I remember what it was like trying to get my fingers to do the impossible and how cool it sounded when I finally nailed the bass part in a song I'd been working on. I also remember the feeling of making the transition from the bedroom to the stage and later from being a part-timer to being a full-time working musician. Here's another reason - I listen. If there are certain styles of music that you don't care for, I won't force them upon you. 

When you're looking for expert guidance, experience counts. And so does education. I started with private lessons back in grade school and then attended The Peabody Institute during my highschool years. After graduation, I attended Berklee College of Music where in addition to learning oodles about all aspects of creating and performing music, I learned a lot about the realities of the music biz.

Fast forward to today >>>> I play an average of 180 shows a year with about 6 different bands in many styles. My main band is Loud & Proud Records recording artists Crack The Sky - one of the top-draw acts in the region. I'm a published composer (ASCAP) and I do a good bit of session work for TV (HBO, FOX, ESPN, MTV) and film (soundtracks and DVD trailers). My discography numbers upwards of 45 CDs with various rock, fusion, progressive and R&B artists. 

So, does any of this make me the best bassist in town? Nope. Does it mean that studying with me will guarantee you fame, fortune and the cover of Bass Player Magazine? Of course not. What I do guarantee is that the skills I'll teach you will make you excel as a bassist and give you the confidence to pursue music at whatever level you desire. Plus, you'll have a huge advantage over those who chose to teach themselves.

But there is a catch.

You'll have to practice. Yup. But this is a good thing and I also promise that you'll never leave a lesson not knowing the purpose of what you're practicing. And best of all, the lessons are custom tailored around your musical interests, your goals and your current skill level.  At Maryland Bass Lessons, you can say goodbye to the "McLessons" approach you may have had in the past. 

Still with me? Great! Even if you're ready right this very minute to sign up and get started, before you do, I want you to check out the BENEFITS page so you can get a feel for the total package you'll get if you choose to study with me. Then you can sign up! Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to talking bass with you...

Your friend in low places, 


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