"There are two types of bass player / teachers in this world.. Those who are excellent players, and those who are excellent teachers.. Well Dave just happens to be both. Dave also really breaks things down into small parts for those of us who get overwhelmed by challenging styles of music and keeps you from giving up. He takes the fear out of taking on new challenges and is very encouraging. The man knows virtually every style of music and from the first lesson to your last, keeps you on a plan so you know why you are there, and why you are most likely going to use him again. Great personality, very easy to get along with as well.”
 - T. Burick 

"Dave is a totally awesome instructor.  He is both patient and  thorough, teaching much more than just the bass lines to the latest
 tunes.  By covering proper technique, reviewing music theory, and how they work within the songs we chose to work on, he helped me gain insight into the process of constructing an appropriate bassline as well as how to play it well.  As someone who has worked with a plethora of music instructors since 3 years of age (and I'm older than dirt now), I can  honestly say that Dave ranks among the best!"
- Alex H.

"Dave is the man.  I started taking lessons from Dave when I  was 13, and continued for about three  years.  There was never a dull lesson, and his proficiency in the  bass guitar, electric guitar, and drums helped me to have a well-rounded musical experience with him.  With Dave, I  worked on funk, alternative rock, jazz, classical, blues, classic rock, and of course, music theory. He's also a nice guy.  I haven't had a lesson with him in a while, but I know I can just send him an email or give him a call anytime and set up another one.  I highly recommend taking lessons from him."
 - Jake Irwin (The Penetrators)

"Dave helped me play bass in a short period of time. I played in a cover band called Counterfit and learned forty songs in three
months. Now I am in a band called Close To Normal which does orignal music and some covers. By taking lessons with Dave you will learn the right way to play bass in no time."
 - John Cimbolo

"Before I met Dave, I was a 98 pound weakling. Now, NOBODY kicks sand in MY face! Thanks, Dave!" Ok seriously, my experience with Dave has been both positive and incredibly beneficial. As a "weekend warrior" in a local cover band, I need to learn and adapt to varying styles of playing. Dave gave me the tools to get and remain SOLID! I'm still attempting to apply those tools on a regular basis. Time permitting, I plan on picking back up a regular schedule with Dave. Whether you're a seasoned vet or just learning "Smoke On The Water", we're ALL looking to get to that next level. My experience is that Dave DeMarco can help get me there. 
 - Will Carter (Crash Nelson)

"If you want to learn bass, learn from a pro and Dave is the most pro game in town. The guy's resume says it all and that's good because Dave's humility won't let him toot his own horn. He's the best teacher I've ever had!"
 - Matt Desmarais (Double Dog Dare)

"Thanks to Dave my band no longer talks down to me and I'm proud to a bassist. My 2 years with Dave have been the most important (and enjoyable) time of my years as a musician. He even helped me pick out a new rig! Class A all the way."
- Mark Plotkin 

"Dave is an amazing teacher.  His depth of musical knowledge extends way far beyond the bass guitar and he is able and willing to expand your horizons.  He's also not afraid to push your envelope and once in a while, he brings you to one of those musical "epiphanies" when you all of a sudden "get it."  I only wish I had more time to practice - but he's very patient when I've not touched the bass for a week, he just says, "OK, well let's work on something else instead."  I would recommend him to anyone, but especially those intermediate bassists who want to kick it up a notch."
 - Ed

"I was a long time, off and on bass player, with no formal training or lessons. When my kids got older I decided to get serious about bass. Fortunately I found Dave. He is the rare combination of great teacher and fellow music lover that actually makes lesson and practice fun. I am currently living in Istanbul Turkey, and playing bass for a wild Turkish rock band. Having the time of my life and I owe it to Dave!"
 - IstanBillBeach

"Dave is a superior bass teacher. Not all brilliant musicians have what it takes to connect to students, but he's definitely got it. His strengths are his background of uniting great technique with a superb ear and feel, and he imparts that to you without making you feel talked down to or belittled. No matter what genre you play in, no matter what your level of accomplishment, taking lessons from Dave will undoubtedly improve your playing so long as you do your part as well. Working with Dave doesn't just make you a better bass player, it makes you a better musician."
 - K.C. (many bands)

"I've been taking lessons with Dave for almost three years now. He is an excellent source of information of all things musical.  He
does take the time to listen and tailor lessons to my specific interest for that day, week or month.  The coolest thing is that he will explain
the whys of playing certain note choices instead of just showing how to play a certain riff.  Scheduling, is very flexible, rarely have I gone without my     weekly lesson and if he does cancel I've been notified well in advance.  I study at the Baltimore site and periodically Dave will put the bass
down and jump on the drum kit which gives the advantage being able to apply how you as the bass player fit in to the rhythm section. And actually Dave is probably the best damned bassist in Baltimore." [Webmaster's note: Not even close, Tim. But thanks just the same!]
 - Tim Toney

"Dave is a great teacher. I have studied with him for about 3  years now. I have learned to read music with his help and I am learning to create bass lines as well as solo. Dave always listens to what you have to say and is willing to teach you anything you ask. I am very glad I found him and I hope to play in a band by next year. Thanks Dave for all of the support you give."
 - Duane Q

"Dave DeMarco was very helpful, and time granted I would continue to do lessons with him in a heartbeat. He helps you become more than a player of an instrument, you strive to be a musician. I looked forward to every lesson and look forward to the day that I can start it up again."
 - Jimmy Anderson

"I've been playing bass guitar since I was 13. I am 41 and have been taking lessons from Dave for about 4 years or longer and have grown and continue to grow in my knowledge and skill."
 - Todd Bolin

"My only regret is that I didn't start sooner. I thank you and my band thanks you! See you next week."
- Rick Alpert

"Dave is not just an awesome bass player but a very talented musician all around.  I took keyboard lessons from Dave.  He relates to the adult student extremly well and while I went in many different directions in my goals, he took each direction without getting frustrated that I kept changing.  I learned a lot and would recommend that if there is an instrument you want to learn to play, Dave is the musician to do it."
 - Ronni (various bands)

"Dave is a very flexible teacher.  You can make your lesson plan what you want it to be or you can follow his program.  I recommend a combination at my age. I mean I'm older than the teacher! Whether your application is at home or on stage, he still treats you with the same level of respect.  His knowledge of music is so well rounded, you can throw anything at him.  This helps if you suffer from ADD like most of us do."
 - Tony Gussio

"I was skeptical about Skype lessons but they really work great! I can see and hear everything Dave says and plays and having the ability to use Skype's record feature means I never miss a detail. My commute to and from work is pretty long so this was a God send! Thanks Dave!"
 - James Wills

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